16 September 2011

Kerala government yet to introduce strict implementation of the rainwater harvesting system: State lagging behind in the tapping of natural resources
Masheer under threatened category of fish species in Kashmir valley: This is due to dangers posed by construction of dams and barrages across rivers and over-exploitation
It's all about multiple sourcing: Design systems holistically connecting the whole hydrological cycle and link it to urban water needs
Groundwater of Assam needs to be mapped and comprehensive plan about its use should be prepared according to geologists: This is following scientific announcements indicating rainfall in Assam and other North east likely to decrease due to climatic change
Villagers protest against Hul hydropower project in Saal Chamba in Himachal Pradesh: This is due to its adverse impact on local forests, water resources, and environment
River Koundinya that originates in Mulbagal in Karnataka in despair following assault on it and its natural surrounding: State government shows apathy towards protecting and utilising its resources
Human encroachment along the elephanat corridor of Udalguri district in Assam poses serious threat to ecology of state: Unabated felling of tress and destruction of green cover have compelled wild elephants to roam nearby villages
Fisheries Training Centre in Jharkhand is a step taken towards increasing annual fish production in the state

15 September 2011

Three more hydropower plants on Mahanadi proposed, thus damming the river four times in a 100 km stretch: Protests in various forms spring throughout Orissa
Tests on water samples supplied through dispensers at Chennai airport reveal high levels of coliform bacteria: Water in a treatment plant sump found to be more contaminated than untreated water
Foul smell emanates from coastal areas of Kollam district in Kerala: Decay of algae the reason according to experts in aquatic biology from University of Kerala
Proposed steel plant of Tata Metaliks in Agadi in Karnataka, apart from consuming large tracts of farm land, also threatens the Tunga Upper Bank project as water to be diverted to steel plant
Urgent need for India to define water rights: Under existing property rights groundwater is considered open resource and farmers believe groundwater beneath their land is private property
Twelve new species of night frogs found in Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot

14 September 2011

Bad planning in regulation of water release from dams in Andhra Pradesh leads to colossal wastage of water: Farmers in areas of Guntur and Prakasam districts complain of water scarcity
Municipal authorities in Vijayawada decide to permanently evacuate 15,000-odd dwellers nearby Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh to protect them from frequent floods
Experts from the Kerala Engineering Research Institute (KERI) reach Kumily in Kerala to examine the possibility of demolishing the structure of the Mullaperiyar dam
Restricted mining of river sand to be allowed subject to conditions in Tamil Nadu: Severe shortage of sand for government projects reason behind this decision
Fisheries university to be set up at coastal Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu as a part of the State government's effort to develop fisheries through technology and creation of a knowledge base
Leptospirosis claims 104 people in South Gujarat in the last two months: Epidemic spreads to rural areas of Surat, Tapi, Navsari, and Valsad districts