23 December 2010

Bangalore draws a blank on environmental issues

22 December 2010

ESA unveils latest sharpest possible map of world's land cover
Thirsty Jajur in Karnataka gets drinking water through barrage on river Vedavati
Storage of harvested rain water a serious concern in Mumbai, Maharashtra
World Bank report points towards India's annual loss due to a bad hygiene
611 villages in Nagpur, Maharashtra selected for eco-friendly development

21 December 2010

MNREGA fails to curb distress migration in parts of Rajasthan
Orissa government admits to Rs 836 crore irregularity in the water department
Depleting and contaminated ground water compounds the drinking water woes of Bangalore city, Karnataka
China builds 24 new hydro power projects on river Brahmputra and its tributaries

20 December 2010

"Venice of Asia" canals disappearing - Kashmir's tourist houseboats may shut down due to pollution, overcrowding
Chattisgarh tribals learn to use the toilet - Case study of the TSC campaign in the state
The tap's running dry - India needs to work fast to save its rivers;otherwise the Ganga and Yamuna could soon pass into mythology - Forbes
Water bodies that do much more than just collect water - Daily News and Analysis
Use, treat, reuse water, that is the way forward - Interview with AN Yellappa in Daily News and Analysis
Human excreta may help secure future food security, says Soil Association study - ABC News
Future of mining in India - Economic Times
A 73-year-old , from Ranchi, who saves rainwater and jungles - Indian Express
Step-well architecture, a classic example of fusion of designs in Gujarat - Daily News and Analysis
Climate-smart agriculture to eradicate world hunger: FAO - The Hindu