24 September 2011

Civil society appeals to the Government of Nagaland to study the impact of climate change, prior to implementing Climate Action Plan of the state
The origin and history of river basins showcased at the Regional Science Centre, Kozhikode, Kerala: The exhibition 'River' displays visuals detailing the geographical conditions and ecological features of the Indian rivers
Climate change in Orissa can be mitigated by sustainable development and looking at biological solutions conclude experts at a seminar organised by Whitemetal Production in Bhubaneswar, Orissa

23 September 2011

Northern parts of Kerala affected by leptospirosis (rat fever): Government activates all concerned departments to control spread of epidemic
The forest department in Karnataka slaps eviction notice on the Limbavali Mini Hydel Project: The project found to be violating all forest norms and has encroached the elephant corridor across the Cauvery river
A comprehensive study from 2009 to 2011 in bio-diverse Wayanad district in Kerala by Forest Department reveals thirty species of raptors and seven species of owls in the district
Environmental Monitoring Programme on Water Quality carried by Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) reports pollution of four river basins in Kerala: Report stresses need for water policy incorporating wastewater management
Environmentalist propose making water tradable commodity by introducing 'water credits' on the lines of 'carbon credits': This would help in maximum utilization of every available drop of water
Pollution, commercial development and modification of natural systems pose serious threats to a number of freshwater fishes, mollusc and odonates in Western Ghats: This was highlighted during assessment by International Union for Conservation of Nature (I
District adminstration in Jaipur in Rajasthan decides to levy heafty fines on people drilling illegal borewells: This is due to the depleting ground water level in the city
Government initiates AGRISNET scheme for farmers
MOEF diluting guidelines to safeguard environmental concerns: Provisional environmental clearance can now be issued independent of the forest clearance.
40 out of 86 lakes in Bangalore in bad condition: This is according to tests on the lakes by Lake Development Authority (LDA) in the city
Nearly 200 freshwater species including fish, flies and snails, facing extinction in souther part of Western Ghats: This covers major river catchments such as Tapi, Krishna, and Cauvery systems according to International Union for the Conservation of Natu
Several species of fresh water fish in Kerala in the endangered list: This is due to pollution of lakes, rivers, streams and habitat alterations due to economic development

22 September 2011

Monsoon rain in the country at 29% above normal in week upto to September 21: According to weather officials it may start withdrawing in a couple of days
Around 950 water pipelines in Delhi identified as passing through drains: Water samples checked for chlorination of water reveals around 10 per cent of water samples reported without chlorination, this means people are receiving potentially contaminated w
Haryana Government has decided to launch Swachhata Utsav campaign from October 2 to November 4: This is to promote rural sanitation and build environment for its sustainability
Exisiting 39,000 tanks in Tamil Nadu needs to be improved to augment their water holding capacity and avert floods: This was discussed by experts on water management in Dhan Foundation's Madurai Symposium
River Ganga threatened by pollution: Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) set up 39 water quality monitoring stations on the main river and 102 stations on its various tributaries since 2008-0