13 June 2011

Out of the 650 waterbodies in Chennai only a fraction of them exists: Records of WRD state, the area of 19 major lakes has been shrunk from a total of 1,130 hectares to nearly 645 hectares and hence reduced their storage capacity
Recent released National Wetland Atlas by Ahmedabad-based Space Applications Centre, ISRO classify Puducherry and Tamil Nadu as wetland-rich states: The states have 12.88 per cent and 6.92 per cent of geographic area under wetlands respectively
Subramanyapura lake once pristine water body in Bangalore, on the death row with the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board turning a blind eye to builders letting sewage into the lake
BWSSB supplies only 500 MLD out of 900 pumped from TK Halli: Of the remaining 400 MLD nearly 35 percent is lost in leakages and 10 percent to unauthorised connections

12 June 2011

Alarmed by the water scarcity in Madhya Pradesh, officials talk about ways to address the issue: Government launches a campaign for reviving dying rivers and lakes in the state
PHED starts water audit to measure the quantity and quality of water being supplied in Jaipur: As the deficit between the demand and supply is 220 million litres per day (MLD)
Groundwater level suddenly rises in Olpad town in Surat district: Preliminary investigations pointed to gas leakage from underground pipelines laid by ONGC
Students and alumni of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad work on designing toilet for slums: Interviews with urban poor with respect to the problems faced in the current public bathroom system helped in better design
Haryana Space Application Centre prepares palaeochannel maps of five districts by using data from remote sensing satellites: Palaeo-channels are the remnants of the pre-existing rivers which were buried or extinct due to geological or climatic activities
Kerala, World Bank funded Jalanidhi potable water project implemented in 112 village panchayats through NGOs: The project to be extended to 250 panchayats and Rs 1500 crore earmarked for the project
Dalavayikere in the Savanadurga valley of Nayakanapalya in Magadi taluk near Bangalore being encroached by brick kilns and agriculture farms

11 June 2011

A campaign to create awareness about rainwater harvesting begins in Uttar Pradesh: To encourage people to take steps towards harvesting rainwater and other sources of water
Social activist Rajendra Singh submits river policy document to UP minor irrigation minister on conservation of ground water and rivers in the state
Residents of Gomtinagar, Lucknow drink water which contains cancer causing elements three times more than the safe limit: The state groundwater boards study found water in city’s 11 localities have high arsenic level

10 June 2011

Garbage dump near the drinking water supply in Jorhat, Assam a source of concern for the Jorhat Municipal Board authorities and the residents drinking that water
Mysore City Corporation (MCC) deploys ducks to treat sewage water generated in the city, saving money on electricity bills
The planning commission proposes linking water conservation projects with the government's job guarantee programme: To build long-term assets such as watersheds and prevent wasteful expenditure
Recent report by Observer Research Foundation points out 21 remedial measures to revive the Mithi river in Mumbai
Study reveals, impact of climate change to result in large-scale effect in the biodiversity of the Northeast: Study warns change in temperature and quantum and intensity of rainfall to have a long-term impact

09 June 2011

Hebbal apartment residents in Bangalore move towards zero waste - 800 flats of this complex generate 300 kgs of compost from 3000 kg of waste every month - Article from Citizen Matters