UNICEF launches 'Take Poo to the Loo' campaign

UNICEF's digital media campaign against open defecation

UNICEF launches a three-month long campaign 'Take Poo to the Loo' to raise awareness against defecation in open among the youth.

Govt addresses Andhra's river water sharing issues

To avoid conflicts between the two states, government defines clear-cut procedures for Telangana and Seemandhra over sharing of water of Krishna and Godavari rivers.

Govt directs JK govt to study impact of hydel projects

Following the flashfloods in Uttarakhand, MoEF orders state government to conduct impact assessment study of hydropower projects on all major river basins in Jammu & Kashmir.

Now its TN that prepares for cyclone

Around 300 people evacuated from vulnerable coastal areas in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu to cyclone shelters, following strong wind and heavy rains in the district.

Western Ghats attracts more importance

The Science paper puts Western Ghats second in the list of 78 ecologically irreplaceable sites for threatened species.

Industry to use innovative process of salt making 

Sambhar Salts in Rajasthan switches to water filtering for salt production instead of evaporation. The filtered water will be packaged and supplied to areas within 200 km of the plant. 

Authorities to take strict actions against river polluters

Maharashtra government orders authorities to impose heavy fines and water cuts upon civic bodies and private establishments for polluting state's rivers.

Heavy rains come as a plight for Tiruchi commuters

While farmers in this district of Tamil Nadu rejoice at the advent of heavy rainfall, residents in urban areas face issues of water logging due to poor drainage system.

The project that took 15 years to begin functioning

The command area development plan, started in 1974-75 for Anjunem irrigation project in Goa finally starts functioning.

Water wait for Hitech city not to end in 2014

Despite commissioning of Krishna Phase-III project, water woes for residents in and around Hitech city in Andhra Pradesh to stay on due to lack of internal distribution network.

Water on all sides but not a single drop to drink

Despite being surrounded by water from all sides following the construction of Indira Sagar Dam, the 200 families in Pratappur village in Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh, survive on single tap of drinking water

Maharashtra farmers allege corruption in irrigation department 

Claim that authorities failed to provide water for irrigation, despite gaining funds from World Bank for participatory water management programme.

Improved plumbing can help reduce water wastage

Better plumbing technology and services can save public health and water, say experts at the Tenth World Plumbing Conference.

Minister irked at slow pace of conservation plans in Vidarbha

Maharashtra minister for water conservation Dr Nitin Raut tells officials to not lapse the funds for water conservation works in the region.

Saving scheme agents to press for water conservation in Kerala

State's Water Resources Department and the Finance Department join hands to spread awareness of water conservation methods at the household level.

This is the roundup of important news for November 17 & 18, 2013.

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News Daily - UNICEF launches a three month long digital media campaign against open defecation, govt defines clear-cut procedures for Telangana and Seemandhra over sharing of river water, JK govt directed to conduct impact assessment study of hydel projects.