Thumbs up for shale gas exploration

Shale gas exploration gets a thumbs up

Government approves exploration of shale gas by national oil companies while the private ones are kept out for now.

India expects high foodgrain output this year

With good and timely rainfall across the country, agriculture minister anticipates record high foodgrain output of 129.32  million tonnes.

Sinking reality of centrally funded STPs

Nearly one-fifth of government funded sewage treatment plant in India are non-operational and another one-fifth working at unsatisfactory level, reports CPCB in its performance evaluation.

Govt to implement multi-sectoral nutrition programme

Rs 1213.19 crore scheme to address the maternal and child under nutrition in 200 high burden districts receives government's approval for the XII five year plan.

Expert members resign from Ganga basin authority

The three expert members quit the authority after getting disheartened by government over pushing hydel project in Ganga basin. The former also accused the government for not being considerate towards environmentalist on indefinite fast.

NGT gets strict with Delhi and U.P. to save Yamuna

Orders the two states to deploy police personnels to avoid waste dumping in the river and remove the debris lying at the river beds by October 28. 

Green clearance mandatory for mining sand in MP

State pollution control board makes environment clearance compulsory for sand mining irrespective of the area to be mined.

Bihar in urgent need of renewable energy

With centralised model failing to deliver good results to generate electricity for the state left with little fossil fuel reserve, Bihar presses upon the development of renewable energy to meet the future energy demands.

2000 villages in MP crave for clean water

More than 2000 villages in the state battle for safe drinking water. No measures undertaken to rectify the problem in these flouride-affected villages.

Jobs denied under MGNRGS

Several villagers in Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu, complaint of job being denied under the employment scheme of the government.

This is the roundup of important news for September 25, 2013.

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News today - Government approves exploration of shale gas only by national oil companies, agriculture minister anticipates record high foodgrain output of 129.32 million tonnes this year, CPCB reports nearly one-fifth of government funded sewage treatment plant in India are non-operational.