Thumbs up for the land bill in Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha passes the land bill

Revised land acquisition bill that does not provide for social impact assessment for irrigation projects clears in the Upper House. The bill returns to the Lok Sabha for approval of amendements made in it.

Mumbai fearful of dengue

With the death toll reaching to four, dengue returns to the city. Authorities warns people to take responsibility and keep their surroundings clean.

More deluge for Bihar

India Meteorological Department alerts the state government of heavy rains and near cloudburst-like situation in Bihar in the next few days.

Good news for Maharashtra industries

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation decides to reduce the water cut from Jayakwadi dam to industries from 33% to 15%. 

Krishnagiri farmers favour SRI method

Out of 762 villages in the district, 688 adopt the system of rice intensification method for cultivating paddy. The method yields a 50% higher production of paddy than the conventional method.

Human activities dangerous for Lakshwadeep corals

Coral reefs in the island are facing greatest threat from increasing pollution, change in land use, unregulated construction and disposal of waste and coral mining, says recent study.

Rain glorifies Shimsha

After three long years, the Shimsha river in Karnataka experiences water in its dry riverbed, owing to good rains in the river's catchment.

Converting abandoned plantation to natural forests

Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding initiates effort to turn 60 hectares of teak and padauk plantations in Andamans into natural forests.

Proposed missile launch facility threatens Nagayalanka's mangrove

DRDO's proposal to set up a Missile Testing Range along the coast of Bay of Bengal sent to Central Empowered Committee for the third time after meeting rejection twice on grounds of posing danger to the Mangroves in the region. 

Smart rural electrification model

Greenpeace to install solar-powered micro grid in Jehanabad district of Bihar to demonstrate the replicability of decentralised renewable energy model across India.

 This is a roundup of important news for September 5, 2013.


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News today - The Upper House clears the land acquisition bill, dengue haunts Mumbai, Bihar to experience more rainfall and cloudburst-like situation in the days to come.