Reliance suppresses protesters in Singrauli

Reliance gets tough on project affected people

Local administration joins hands with Reliance Power in suppressing protests by project affected community in proposed Sasan Ultra Mega Power project in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Locals demand permanent jobs at the project.

Keep Navi Mumbai out of CRZ

Maharashtra CM to convince the Prime Minister for special dispensation to Navi Mumbai from coastal regulation zones that will otherwise lead to a loss of Rs 35,000 crore to the state.

Plenty of rainfall for one-third of India

IMD records 864 mm of rainfall in 2013 in the country as against the normal rainfall of 829 mm.

Govt to bear 90% cost of drip irrigation 

Karnataka CM announces 90% subsidy for installing drip irrigation systems. The move is made in favour of reducing excess use of water and chemical fertilisers.

Govt makes payment for ecological damage by quarrying mandatory

Kerala state expert appraisal committee approves the proposal to grant environmental clearance to quarrying only on a condition of payment of one per cent of the proponent's profit to biodiversity fund of the local panchayat. 

Govt indifferent to 81-year-old fasting to save Ganga

Remains a mute spectator to the fasting of former IIT professor G. D. Agarwal for saving Ganga river. The professor gives up water too while entering into the 102nd day of his fast.

Maharashtra's agriculture gets a boost

Government grants Rs 1100 crore funds to Maharashtra for promoting various schemes in the agriculture sector.

TN govt turns to social media for saving lakes

Following the popularity of Chennai Traffic Police Facebook page, municipal authorities have created their own page on Facebook for bringing awareness among the public and their own staff on significance of lakes in the state. 

Madurai farmers oppose soil mining in tanks

Demand ban on soil mining undertaken in seven of the tanks across the district. Accuses private party of violating norms and taking away the fertile soil.

Safe biomedical waste disposal must for small clinics

Tamil Nadu pollution control board asks Chennai corporation to cancel the licences of small clinics if they do not dispose the biomedical waste safely.

Slight dip in Idukki's water level

Kerala government holds back its plan to open the shutters of Idukki dam, owing to the receding water level. Currently, the level of water in the dam has reached to 98.42% of its FRL.

Supplying water gets too expensive for Chandigarh

Out of Rs 90 crore incurred in total annual expenditure for generating and distributing water, Chandigarh municpal corporation spends Rs 70 crore in paying electricity bills.

TN promotes vetiver

Owing to the ability of the plant to bind soil and reduce landslides, state government plans to encourage its use on hilly slopes.

Efforts to save the lake overturned 

In an attempt to seal the sewage outlets into Madipakkam lake in Chennai , authorities have also blocked its rainwater inlets, leading to less water in the lake which otherwise brimmed during the heavy rains.

Raichur experiences sinking ground

Ground beneath villages in Deodurg taluk, Karnataka, collapses into a 30 ft pits. Officials uncertain if the phenomenon is natural or caused by dried up land.

This is the roundup of important news for September 22 & 23, 2013.


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News today - Reliance Power gets cruel with project affected community in proposed Sasan Ultra Mega Power project in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra to ask PM's favour on keeping Navi Mumbai out of CRZ, IMD records excess rainfall in one-third of India.