Andhra tribals want Polavaram dam scrapped

Post Telangana, tribals want Polavaram dam scrapped

The dam will benefit only Seemandhra and displace about two lakh tribals, most of them in Telangana. Tribal activists launch padyatra to protest against an amendment in the Telangana Bill which proposes to shift their villages to Seemandhra.

Sikkim forests get smaller buffer zones to accommodate dams  

Environment Ministry reduces buffer zone around five national parks and sanctuaries from 10 km to 25-200 metre which will help projects avoid mandatory clearances by the National Board of Wildlife. 

Chennai bets on 20 litre cans for clean water

Instead of providing clean piped supply, city corporation promises subsidised 'Amma Water' cans as alternative to costly mineral water.

Sewage bigger polluter than industrial waste in Maharashtra

Causes 70% pollution in 20 major rivers while industry takes blame for rest 30%. This has led to growing number of jaundice and diarrhoea cases, says a government survey.

ISRO serves its orbit with water tankers 

Wells near the unit in Kochi were found contaminated with rocket fuel chemical. Tankers with 500 litres' capacity to provide water every day.

Dry Karnataka restricts usage from tanks 

Tank water can only be used for drinking as 25 districts battle drought. Government releases Rs. 207.72 crore for relief measures

Holy bath drowns turtles

Excessive water released in Ganga, Yamuna and Chambal rivers for ritual bathing during Makar Sakranti sweeps away hard shell turtles nesting on the banks. 

Rs 8 crore for Thane lakes

Five of 36 lakes will get desiltation, filteration and beautification in Mumbai's suburb

This is the news roundup of February 19, 2014.

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News Daily: Post Telangana, tribals want Polavaram dam scrapped; Chennai wants clean piped water, not bubble cans; Reduced buffer zones to help dams avoid wildlife clearances