No toilets for 52% Delhi slum kids

No toilets for 52% Delhi slum kids

Open defecation and lack of drinking water in the slums of Delhi leads to frequent instances of water-borne diseases, says a study conducted by the NGO Child Relief and You

Dams contribute to climate change: IPCC

The working group report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says reservoir of dams trap silt, increasing the impact of sea level rise besides affecting local options and increased flow fluctuations

Yamuna needs more water

The flow in the river in Delhi is around 30% during monsoon while it is just 16% during the rest of the year, says a study published in the journal Current Science. A river needs about 50-60% of the total monsoon flow to carry out its ecological functions, says the study

RO water at 10 paisa per litre in Rajasthan

The state government plans to set up 1000 plants with reverse osmosis water treatment system in rural areas. Villages with high level of fluoride in groundwater will be given priority in the first phase

Water biggest poll issue in Tamil Nadu

Be it water supply from the Cauvery river or pollution in the Noyyal and Cooum rivers, lack of clean drinking water is on everybody's mind when it comes to electing leaders

Politicians get a clean chit in Maharashtra irrigation scam

The Chitale Committee, which looked into the Rs 70,000 crore Maharashtra Irrigation scam, spent 14 months and Rs 2 crores on the probe but failed to address the issue of malpractices in the award of irrigation projects

Goa ranks No 9 on toilets

20% of the households in the state still lack toilets while 18% do not have access to treated water, according to a Planning commission statistics

Irrigation projects in Bihar district in limbo since 1972

Two unfinished reservoirs in the state's Jamui district have become a big poll issue, thanks to the farmers in the drought prone region who have now come together to fight the political apathy

Ban on manual scavenging, with a caveat

The SC ruling to abolish manual scavenging also talks about a compensation of Rs 10 lakhs for the families of those who die cleaning sewer lines, which in effect, means that the practise will continue

The importance of understanding rainfall

Understanding a region's rainfall pattern for the year in advance, helps to plan water requirements and sources to fulfill them. A case study from Bangalore

This is the news roundup of April 3 and 4, 2014.

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News Daily: No toilets for 52% Delhi slum kids; Dams contribute to climate change: IPCC; Yamuna needs more water