No new projects in eight critically polluted industrial hubs

MoEF bans clearance in eight industrial areas

Environment ministry to not grant any further clearance to new projects in eight critically polluted industrial areas of the country, owing to the alarmingly rising levels of pollution in these clusters.

Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and UP are hunger states

Ranked 74th, 76th, 67th and 61st respectively in the global hunger index of 88 countries. All the four states fall in  an alarming zone of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Maharashtra govt to bring usefulness to the forest law

To make the 86 year old law practical and less burdensome to implement, state government decides to amend the rules of Indian Forest Act.

Chennai metro water accused of flouting green norms

Runs into an inquiry for discharging effluents from its Nemmeli desalination plant and disrupting livelihood of 2000 fishermen. The metro water authorities disapprove all the allegations put against the plant.

DMRC to harness solar power

Join hands with Solar Energy Corporation of India for setting up solar panels on rooftops of metro stations. The solar power thus tapped will fulfill the portion of electricity needs of DMRC.

Unlicensed herbal water units face a shutdown in TN

Food Safety and Drug Administration Department seals as many as 57 units selling drinking water in the name of flavoured water in Tiruvallur district.

Too slow progress of Pampa project

Despite Rs 18.45 crore sanctioned for Pampa river's clean up work, only few bathing ghats and 100 new toilets set up so far, two months ahead of Sabarimala pilgrim season.

Inefficiency fails Hyderabad's water regularisation scheme

The sewerage board's scheme to regularise illegal water connections holds no success as not a single reply received to the regularisation offer that seems too expensive to citizens.

Receiving Cauvery water remains a dream

For 80,000 households on the outskirts of Bangalore, water in the taps remain a distant reality, despite having authorized water connections under Greater Bangalore Water and Sanitation Plan for over a year now. 

Banglore authorities to make short-term arrangements

Tells Karnataka High Court to provide tankers with a capacity of 6000 litres in areas where borewell water found unsuitable for drinking in Bangalore. 

This is the roundup of important news for September 19, 2013.

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News today - MoEF bans environmental clearance to new projects in eight critically polluted areas, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and UP fall in an alarming zone in the global hunger index, Maharashtra govt to amend the rules of Indian Forest Act 1927.