MoEF finally notifies 37% of Western Ghats as no-go zone

MoEF finally notifies 37% of Western Ghats as no-go zone

Around 60,000 sq km of Western Ghats across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu notified as Ecologically Sensitive Area. Protests break out in Kerala against implementation of Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats.

Karnataka and Goa at crossroads over Mhadei diversion

Fearing reduction in the flow to river Mhadei, Goa opposes Kalasa-Bhandura project while Karnataka determined to complete the interlinking project by June 2014.

Minister recommends govt intervention 

The rural development minister suggests Union government take control of Krishna and Godavari rivers while Andhra Pradesh is getting bifurcated.

Ecology of Mulavukad island disrupted with haphazard reclaimation

Canals and mangroves in Mulavukad island in Kerala dry up due to reclaimation of Kochi backwaters that has led to clogging of culverts with construction material and disconnection between the island and backwaters.

Get certified to receive water supply

In a bid to tackle water pollution, government to ask Maharashtra industries and other non-irrigation consumers get a no-objection certificate from State Pollution Control Board.

Rajasthan rivers in need of monitoring

Central Pollution Control Board identifies five river stretches, Jojari, Bandi, Bichadi, Khetri and Chambal, in Rajasthan, as highly polluted. Suggests monitoring of these rivers on all occassions for disposal of industrial and domestic waste.

Oil leaks pose a serious threat to Mumbai creeks

City's creeks and mangroves running along them bear the brunt of continual small leakages of oil from pipelines and dumping of waste. 

Water table recedes by 7ft in Gurgaon

Haryana High Court's ban on extracting water from borewells has failed to serve its purpose as the water table depth in Gurgaon has reached 280 ft.

5.9% of water bodies in NCR gone into development

34.6% of increase in built-up area of National Capital Region from 1999-2012 happens at the cost of significant reduction in region's green cover and water bodies.

Exploding population of Jellyfish puts other species in danger

Proliferation of Jellyfish along Kerala coast poses threat to other species and livelihoods of fishermen. Scientists relate these blooms to human impact on oceans. 

Trees felled to create ponds in Guindy National Park

In a move that shocks environmentalists, wildlife authorities clear the forest area in Guindy National Park in Chennai to make space for percolation ponds to tap water from stormwater drains. 

HC directs authorities to strictly enforce polythene ban

Following the public interest litigation on conservation of Dal Lake, High Court orders all the District Magistrates in Jammu & Kashmir to intensify the checking of polythene sale.

Centre approves 500 MLD water treatment plant project

Gives a go ahead to the construction of 500 MLD water treatment plant in Pune. The project approved under JNNURM is worth Rs. 17,108 lakh.

This is the roundup of important news for November 15 & 16, 2013.


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News daily - MoEF notifies around 60,000 sq km of Western Ghats as Ecologically Sensitive Area, fearing reduction in the flow to river Mhadei, Goa opposes Karnataka's Kalasa-Bhandura project, rural development minister suggests Centre take control of Krishna and Godavari rivers.