Manual scavenging continues in Chennai, despite the ban

Manual scavenging still persists in Chennai

Despite the ban on the dirty practice, the city corporation deploys labours to clean rainwater drains and sewerage pipes.  

NREGA sees a downfall

The welfare scheme shows a drastic decline in terms of number of projects completed. Only 13% of works completed in the current financial year till August 12. 

Centre drafts solid waste management rules for Rajasthan

Owing to the failure of municipalities to handle solid waste in the state, union ministry prepares municipal solid waste (management and handling) rules 2013 for Rajasthan, allocating clear responsibilities to all stakeholders.

Mining dangers to Goa's wildlife

17 out of 54 working mining leases found within 1 km of wildlife sanctuaries, in the third phase of mining leases survey

XII plan period to conceive groundwater scheme

Government approves to continue groundwater management and regulation scheme for the XII plan period. Adds new components of aquifer mapping and participatory groundwater management to the programme.

NABARD sanctions Rs 175 crore to  Gujarat 

The state government has received the money for construction of Narmada Main Canal-based lift irrigation project in Mehsana district. 

Plans to restore Pallikaranai begins

Authorities gets active for rejuvenating Pallikaranai marshland. Reserves land and identifies consultant to prepare a development plan.

BBMP gets strict on waste segregation

Issues a public notice of penalising defaulters found spitting, not segregating waste and dumping garbage on streets. Fixes a fine amount that varies from Rs 100 to Rs 5000 for various offences.

Govt prepares management plan for Khajjiar lake

State government initiates efforts to check siltation, organic pollution and dumping of non-biodegradable waste in Khajjiar lake in Himachal Pradesh. 

 This is a roundup of important news for September 1, 2013.


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News today- Chennai corporation still deploys labours to clean sewerage pipes, NREGA shows a big fall in works completed, Centre intervenes to frame solid waste management guidelines for Rajasthan.