Maharashtra revives plan to restore land from sea

Maharashtra govt plans for land reclamation from sea

State government revives its past suggestion for large-scale restoration of land in Mumbai from the Arabian Sea. Recommends undertaking the study to assess the environmental and social impact of the reclamation project.

UP govt releases Rs. 10 crore for Ganga project

The state government allocates Rs. 10 crore under the National Ganga River Basin Authority programme for sewerage work to be undertaken at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Gurgaon gears up to the 'Doh Bin' drive

To promote waste segregation at home, Gurgaon to begin the 'Doh Bin' awareness campaign from December 8.

Diverting Nethravati will have negative impact on Western Ghats

Karnataka government is all set to float tenders for Nethravati river diversion project. The decision has irked conservationists who negate the project report by Karnataka Niravari Nigam Ltd as it fails to address the economic and enviornmental feasibility of the project.

Citizen groups' demand for a single lake authority in Bengaluru

Instead of three different agencies managing the lakes in Bengaluru, various citizen groups call for one government agency to be responsible for lake development in the city.

Tribunal recommends new body for entire Krishna basin

Terminating the Tungabhadra Water Board, the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal in its final judgement proposes constitution of a water management board having members from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra to regulate water release from major reservoirs in the Krishna basin.

Sharp decline in industrial use of water from dams in Godavari and Tapi basin

Nashik and Ahmednagar experience a 50% decline in industrial use of water from dams in Godavari and Tapi basin in 2012-13 while drinking water use exceeds the quota by 42%.

Tribals stand against hydel projects in Spiti valley

Tribal communities in Himachal Pradesh oppose hydropower projects proposed in high altitude Spiti valley.

Authorities initiate repair work of Vasana barrage in Gujarat

In a bid to have a flowing Sabarmati river, state government has started the massive repair work of 18 water gates of Vasana barrage at one go. The deadline set for the completion of the project is March 2014.

Following rise in power tariffs comes the hike in water taxes

Kolhapur industrialists angry with the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation's decision to raise the water taxes by 40% from December 1.

Illegal dyeing units pollute Noyyal river in Coimbatore

Authorities remain inactive towards the untreated effluents discharged into Noyyal river by over 300 illegal dyeing units operating in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Ranchi to have water ATMs soon

The water ATMs to be operational in the city from next summers, will provide residents 10 litres of pure drinking water at Rs. 3.50. 

Birds return to Sultanpur National Park

With many more birds visiting the park this season, converting the dried up natural lake into an artificial one turns out to be a boon for Sultanpur National Park.

Association demands for easier rules to mine beach sand

Mining Engineers' Association of India calls for simplified norms and procedures for getting leases to explore beach sand minerals.

The bad state of Ayodhya Sarovar

Water level of Odisha's artificial lake, built in mid 1960s to store water from Mahanadi river, decreases drastically with the breaking of the wooden planks at the base of its sluice gates. 

This is the roundup of important news for December 1 & 2, 2013.

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News daily - Maharashtra govt plans to reclaim land in Mumbai from sea, UP allocates Rs. 10 crore for Ganga project, Gurgaon to begin the 'Doh Bin' awareness campaign from December 8.