India seeks solar energy

Solar power flourishes in India

Addition of 2.8 GW of solar power capacity is anticipated in India in 2014, with several states across the country striving to install large scale solar power projects.

Farmers protest against Mithivirdi nuclear park

The proposed 6000 MW nuclear project attracts opposition of farmers in five villages in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat. The project that plans to acquire 877 hectares of fertile land is a threat to both livelihood and health of locals.

TN govt to repeal the groundwater act

Owing to rapid urbanisation and exploitation of groundwater in the state, government decides to repeal the Tamil Nadu Groundwater Act, 2003, that seems to be outdated in the current senario. 

Gurgaon builders exploit groundwater, despite the ban

Pay no heed to the ban that came last year restricting extraction of groundwater for construction purposes. Authorities lack manpower and resources to address the issue.

Authorities lack will to clean Raipur's choking lakes

Instead of taking the responsibilty to rejuvenate the dirty lakes in the city, Raipur Municipal Corporation denies owning these lakes

Saving humans at the cost of mangroves

Boulders dumped for constructing tsunami wall in Chimbai beach, Mumbai, poses threat to the mangroves in the vicinty. Fishermen in the neraby village opposed the wall as anti-sea-erosion wall.

Much cleaner Tapi this year during the visarjan

Vast majority of devotees resist immersing Ganesh idols made from plaster of paris in the river. People in Gujarat made an effort to go to Dumas for immersing their PoP idols in the sea as per authorities' orders.

Dindigul municipality to revise the water tax

To meet it expenses for implementing Rs 70 crore drinking water supply project in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, authorities plans to revise domestic and commercial water tax. DMK councillars protest the proposed hike in water charges.

Mission 5000 RWH projects

An NGO in Maharashtra targets installing 3000 to 5000 rainwater harvesting projects in 11 districts of the state.

This is the roundup of daily news for September 20, 2013.

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News today- India anticipates the addition of 2.8 GW of solar capacity in 2014, proposed 6000 MW Mithivirdi nuclear project acquiring 877 hectares of fertile land attracts opposition of farmers, TN to repeal its Groundwater Act 2003.