India to map aquifers using chopper

India to map aquifers using choppers

Ministry of Water Resources starts Rs. 41 crore pilot project that is going to utilise the aerial geophysical techniques to find clean and safe drinking water. 

UN tags Odisha's disaster management as a landmark success story

Plans to use the preparedness of Odisha government in tackling with super cyclone, as a global model for other countries to follow.

CEE panel finds discrepancies in EIA and EC on Goa mining leases

The study to understand the credibility of EIA studies of 105 operational mines in the state observes a mismatch in figures in the EIA documents and ECs. Also, the assessment reports are deficient in addressing adverse impacts of mining on the environment.  

Every Indian deserves a right to safe food and water 

A group working for safe food promotion, seeks support of agriculture minister in making safe food and drinking water a fundamental right of every citizen in the country, on the World Food Day.

UP commits 14.5% decline in employment under MNREGS

CAG pulls over the state government over inadequate implementation of the employement scheme. Reports non-adherence to rules and regulations and poor financial managment and monitoring as reasons to government's inefficiency in implementing MNREGS.

Farmers accept Maha Cauvery Renovation Scheme

Rs. 1,140 crore project to renovate the existing Cauvery irrigation system receives acceptance from farmers' body, though the latter has requested the authorities to hold detailed consultations with beneficiary farmers prior to the implementaion of the project.

Karnataka govt agrees to help Maharashtra

Gets ready to extend the Tubachi-Babaleshwar lift irrigation project to Sangli district in Maharashtra, only when the latter bears the project extension cost.

Puddle saves Andhra farmers

Small and marginal farmers in Krishna district depends on puddle, the only source of irrigation, to cultivate groundnut and plant casaurina. Highly saline groundwater is the biggest hurdle to the region's agricululture but puddle helps farmers tap soil fertility.

Polluted canal leads to outbreak of viral fever

Residents of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, face health implications owing to the extreme pollution in Jafer Saheb canal in the city. 

Volunteers desilt Vandiyur tank

Aiming to develop a water recharge source in the city, hundreds of Madurai residents come together to desilt and deepen the 600 acres Vandiyur tank present in the middle of the city.

This is the roundup of important news for October 17, 2013.

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News today - For the first time, govt will be utilising the aerial geophysical techniques to find clean and safe drinking water, UN appreciates Odisha's evacuation efforts to tackle Phailin, discrepancies found in assessment reports and EC on Goa mining leases.