Hydro projects on Subansiri to affect downstream stretch

Hydro projects on Subansiri to affect downstream stretch 

The cumulative impact report by CWC on hydel projects on Subansiri river basin in Arunachal Pradesh raises possibility of reduced water level in downstream areas.

Development funds include climate grants

Grants given by the developed nations to the developing ones for various development projects also cover funds for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, admits European Union.

Govt brushes aside tribals rights

Mahan coal block in Madhya Pradesh receives a clean chit while ignoring interest of tribals and environmental norms.

NGT directs closure of 33 restaurants in South Delhi

National Green Tribunal issues closure orders and show-cause notices to restaurants in Hauz Khas, Delhi, operating without proper green clearances.

Visakhapatnam Port comes under scrutiny

Andhra Pradesh government to conduct investigation on pollution caused by the port. 

Periyar's pollution woes to end soon

Monitoring of water quality of Periyar river in Kerala to start in another fifteen days. The real-time surveillance system will allow instant detection and remediation to discolouration and pollution in the river.

Palar's rejuvenation works rest on paper for past eight years

Since 2001, none of the schemes implemented to restore Tamil Nadu's Palar river damaged by tannery effluents.

Kozhikode faces the challenge of treating poultry waste

Awaits Kerala government to come up with a specific and adequate solution to treat the poultry waste

The revival of Pokkali

Activists come together to bring new life to Pokkali rice variety and farming practice of cultivating rice and prawn alternately in Kerala’s Alappuzha district.

This is the roundup of important news for September 21, 2013. 


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News today- Cumulative impact report on hydropower projects on Subansiri raises possibility of reduced water level in downstream stretch, EU admits that the development funds also include grants for climate mitigation, government brushes aside tribal rights in Mahan coal block in Madhya Pradesh.