Himalayan glaciers may thin down by 2100

Himalayan glaciers could lose two-third mass by 2100

The International Panel on Climate Change says this may hit India’s food security system andalso bring changes in the monsoon pattern. Famine, water shortage and regional conflicts are also expected in South Asia, especially India

Water in Ludhiana's govt schools not potable

50 out of the 111 samples collected since January by the Health Department found unfit for consumption. In 2013, 740 out of 2,208 water samples from government schools failed the purity test

Scuba diving for a cause

Professional scuba divers in Andhra Pradesh's Vishakhapatnam district have launched an awareness campaign to remove debris from the sea floor. Dolphin Dive Academy, that launched the drive, will also rope in amateurs for the weekend marine cleanup.

Groundwater directorate to check Bangalore tanker mafia

More than 1000 tankers operate in the city, supplying water to industry and commercial establishments even as no registered borewell owner has the license to sell groundwater nor has any water supplier applied for it

Farmers buying water to save crop in Tamil Nadu

Farmers in Dharmapuri district have to buy water at a rate of Rs 750 for one thousand litres to save even their fodder crop, thanks to the failure of the north-east monsoon

Recycled water for animals at Trivendrum zoo

Initially, the Zoo department will set up a plant to reuse the drained water for gardening purposes and then graduate to a more advanced filtration unit that yields clean drinkable water. Till now, two artificial lakes fulfilled the extensive water need of the zoo

Committee to look into Godavari pollution

The Nashik Municipal Corporation dumps thousands of tonnes of raw sewage into the second holiest river in India. The committee, headed by the city revenue commissioner, has been formed on the orders of the Bombay HC

No more free water for Delhiites

The Aam Aadmi Party govt's scheme to supply 20,000 litres of free water per month to Delhiites has ended from April in the absence of any budgetary support to the Delhi Jal Board. The 10% increase in water tariff announced by the former govt will however, stay in place

Law does not mean end of woes for manual scavengers

The latest Supreme Court order to ban manual scavenging may help the Government to identify and compensate victims of sewer line accidents but it will not end the malaise, thanks to agencies still hiring them on contractual basis



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News Daily: Himalayan glaciers could lose two-third mass by 2100; Water in Ludhiana's govt schools not potable; Scuba diving for a cause