Himachal irked at dam sale

Himachal irked at dam sale

Expressing shock over Jaypee group's sale of the Karcham Wangtoo and Baspa hydropower projects to an Abu Dhabi firm, the state chief minister Virbhadra Singh said the company cannot sell its projects without the government's consent as it has signed an MoU with the state

Kerala has enough sand to last 50 years: Study

The study by the Geological Survey of India came in the wake of fishermen's opposition to the state government's proposal to exploit sea sand resources as a substitute for river sand to feed the construction industry

Power plants pollute reservoir, river in Singrauli

Many major companies in India's upcoming power generation hub are dumping fly ash slurry and untreated effluent from coal mining into the Rihand Reservoir, a committee headed by the member-secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board found

Sand mining kills Gharials in Chambal

Sand banks are essential for nesting and basking of the endangered species, found in maximum strength in the National Chambal sanctuary spanning the three states of UP, MP and Rajasthan. Illegal mining destroys their nests

Salt making and aquaculture contaminates groundwater in Prakasam

A study carried out by the Geology Department of Andhra University has found high concentration of total dissolved solids, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulphate, nitrate and fluoride in the groundwater of the coastal region

Dams supply power to UP even as U'khand faces acute shortage

Uttar Pradesh's agreement with GVK's Srinagar and Jaypee's Vishnuprayag projects was signed at a time when the hill state was power-surplus. Both these dams had a huge ecological impact on Uttarakhand

Maha promises wetland authority

The state government told the Bombay High Court that an authority for monitoring wetlands would be constituted within four weeks even as an expert committee confirmed that wetlands in neighbouring Vasai are being destroyed due to construction

This is the news roundup of March 6, 2014.

Found in maximum strength in national Chambal sanctuary running along three states — UP, MP and Rajasthan, ghariyals are losing out to human interference.

Illegal sand mining, fishing and stone quarrying in the sanctuary area is killing ghariyals.

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News Daily: Himachal irked at dam sale; Kerala has enough sand to last 50 years: Study; Power plants pollute reservoir, river in Singrauli