Himachal dam bursts during very first trial

Dam bursts in Himachal during first trial

A newly built dam with a capacity of 12,000 cubic feet burst in Manali district of the State whiles first trial was taking place. No casulaties however, resulted from the accident.

Site visit compulsory for diversion of forest land

The Environment Ministry has made a detailed site visit necessary for transfer of forest land for non-forest purposes. All state governments have also been asked to prepare a forest map of all districts.

3600 unauthorized buildings on the banks of Arkavathy

Unauthorized construction has happened in more than 174 acres of area around the Arkavathy river near Bangalore, the Bangalore Development Authority has told the High Court.

Defuoridation units on handpumps across Rajasthan

As per the election manifesto of the recently formed Bharatiya Janata Party government in Rajasthan, the State Public Health and Engineering Department will conduct a survey of outdated handpumps and install defluoridation units on all of them.

Reduced DO kills fish in Periyar

A Regulator that resulted in water stagnating in a stretch of the Periyar river in Kerala has resulted in the Dissolved Oxygen decreasing, thereby killing fishes.

Odisha government sets deadline for finishing irrigation projects

The State Government has directed the Water Resources Department to set deadlines for completion of irrigation projects that will increase the irrigation potential of the State by 7.93 lakh hectares.

Showcause notice to waste incinerator

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has handed a show-cause notice to the waste to energy plant for emitting pollutants beyond the prescribed limit.

Restore Mandakini to its original course: GSI

A team of the Geological Survey of India that studied the causes and the extent of the damage created by the Uttarakhand flash floods has suggested the State Government to restore the Mandakini river to its original coarse to prevent further disasters.

Narmada oustees pledge support for AAP

People affected by dams on the Narmada river have decided to join the Aam Aadmi Party under the aegis of the Narmada Bachao Andolan.

Bauxite mining sparks protest in Odisha's Koraput district

A curfew like situation exists in the district after clashes happened over Hindalco's bauxite mining in the region. Residents demanded restriction on mining as it affects irrigation and causes pollution.

NGT notice to Shrinagar dam authorities in Uttarakhand

The National Green Tribunal has issued notice to the managers of the Shrinagar dam in the Pauri Garhwal region for dumping debris near the dam and delay in opening the flood gates when the flash floods happened in June this year.

2013 driest year in the history of Cherrapunjee

Known as the wettest place on earth, the region in Meghalaya recieved only 6802 mm of rainfall as compared to 6950 mm in 1978 which was the second driest yeat

MP wants river diversion to revive another river basin

A Member of Parliament from Vellore in Tamil Nadu has written to the Prime Minister for diversion of rivers from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to revive the Palar river basin in Tamil Nadu.

Chemical Pollution in the Yamuna hits Delhi's water supply

Release of raw sewage in the Yamuna in upstream Haryana resulted in the closure of two treatment plants in Delhi, affecting the water supply.

Pune to have a water treatment plant

A committee of the Maharashtra Urban Development Ministry has approved a water treatment plant of 500 Million litres per day capacity for Pune. This is in addition to the two existing water treatment plants that will be decommissioned soon.

Treated sewage for Gurgaon parks

The city might soon have an improved water supply as the administration plans to use treated sewage for all its municipal parks to save on drinking water.

This is a news roundup of January 13 and 14, 2014



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News Daily: Dam bursts near Manali; Central Government makes site visit compulsory for diversion of land; 3600 unauthorized buildings on the banks of Arkavathy in Bangalore