Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%

Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%

The move is cut down reliance on monsoon rain which sustains agriculture on 50% of the farmland in the country, says A B Pandya, chairman of the Central Water Commission. As of now, 97 million hectares of land is under irrigation

Himachal dam protesters charged with 'inciting communal riots'

31 women from the Gaddi tribe in Chamba district were arrested when they were protesting against the shifting of a 15 km long tunnel for the 180 megawatt Bajoli Holi hydel project. The dam will affect the forest rights and livelihood of four villages

Water a sop for voting in Pune villages

A businessman from Shirur Taluka Martand Bhimrao Dhamdhere announced three days of free bottled water for those who cast their votes these elections. Dhamdhere, who runs a mineral water business, claims he does not support any political party

Too much fertilizer drives fish away from India's coastline

Excess chemical fertilizers applied on crops gets washed away in water bodies, eventually mixing with sea water. The organic carbon thus produced uses up the oxygen in coastal waters, driving the fish away, said SWA Naqwi, the director of the National Institute of Oceanography

River conservation plan for Maharashtra

The plan, on the lines of the National River Conservation Plan, will fund schemes to clean up rivers, set up sewage treatment and water recycling plants. It will cover villages and towns located on the banks of rivers and with a minimum population of 15,000

Agra's free water scheme

For 30 years, the Sri Nath Ji Nishulk Jal Sewa has been running 70 water kiosks at all busy crossings of the city. The group, not a formal NGO, is run by 75 old men and women

A disastrous idea called river interlinking

Narendra Modi's claim that linking 20 rivers in Gujarat has increased agricultural growth by 10% demands scrutiny since most of the farming in the state is groundwater dependent: an analysis

This is the news roundup of April 14, 2014.



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News Daily: Govt to increase irrigation potential by 10%; Himachal dam protesters charged with 'inciting communal riots'; Water a sop for voting in Pune villages