Ganga full of Superbugs

Ganga full of Superbugs

Level of multi-drug resistant viruses in the river goes up by 60 times during the pilgrimage season of May-June, say researchers.

Wells around ISRO unit contaminated with rocket fuel chemical

Around 40 wells found contaminated with ammonium perchlorate that affects iodine absorption. Authorities ask 176 families not to use the water for domestic purpose.

HC warns Tamil Nadu govt against water privatisation

The judge questions the ambitious Tirupur water supply and sewage disposal scheme which involves an MNC that raised water prices by over 200 per cent in Bolivia and dragged the country into international arbitration after being thrown out.

Bhoj wetland is shrinking

Solid waste and sewage dumping from 22 nullahs affect Bhopal's famous upper lake. A study by Barkatullah University finds presence of heavy metals in the lake

AAP rule improved water supply to Sangam Vihar

The frequency of supply from borewells went up from once in two months to once in 15 days in the biggest unauthorised colony of South Delhi.

25% Bangaloreans do not pay water bills

People in newly added areas not accustomed to paying bills. Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board still manages to collect around 90% of the billed money because of 2% interest on unpaid bills

Reservoirs full, no water worries for Mysore

Thanks to good rainfall in its catchment area, both Krishnaraja Sagar and Kabini reservoir full to their capacity as against last year when the KRS reached its dead storage level.

River conservation scheme for Maharashtra

Scheme to reuse treated water for industrial and agricultural use will be implemented in towns and villages situated along rivers and with a population of less than 15,000

100 Nilgais die from contaminated water in Agra

Water of Karwan river in Agra's Saurai contaminated by industries from Hathras and Aligarh. Farmers irrigating their crop with river water also complain of burnt feet.

CRZ clearance for Adyar creek restoration in Chennai

Eco-restoration in 300 acres of the coastal water body only after diversion of all sewage outfalls to the existing sewage treatment plants. No permanent structure allowed in the creek.

This is the news roundup of February 16 and 18, 2014.



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News Daily: Ganga full of Superbugs; Wells near ISRO unit in Kochi contaminated with rocket fuel chemical; HC warns Tamil Nadu govt against water privatisation