Dhara Vikas Handbook: A User Manual for Springshed Development to Revive Himalayan Springs

The Dhara Vikas Handbook is developed by the Rural Management and Development Department, Sikkim Government. It is an excellent precedent set by a state government, which demonstrates how convergence within various state departments can lead to springs revival and in turn to springs-based water security in the remote Himalayan regions. Also, the handbook provides an understanding of springs and their discharge and gives an eight step action plan for spring revival.

Download the Dhara Vikas Handbook 2014. Also, get more information on the Sikkim Springs.

Following partners have notably contributed in the development of the handbook, along with the Sikkim Government:

  1. ACWADAM, Pune
  2. ARGHYAM, Bangalore
  3. BARC, Mumbai
  4. CHIRAG, Nainital
  5. Deutsche Gasellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  6. Department of Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management
  7. Department of Mines, Minerals and Geology
  8. Department of Science and Technology and Climate Change
  9. G. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Sikkim
  10. Peoples' Science Institute, Dehradun
  11. State Institute of Rural Development, Sikkim
  12. The Mountain Institute - India, Sikkim
  13. WWF India


Dhara Vikas is a climate change initiative under MGNREGA that aims to increase the dry season spring discharge in Himalayan regions by enhancing the recharge of the springs during monsoons