Cochin estuary has high level of insecticides

Cochin estuary high on insecticides: Study

Cochin estuary has one of the highest concentration of organochlorine insecticides in the world, revealed a study by the Cochin University of Science and Technology.

Poo to power Bangalore 

Around 100 megawatt will be produced from methane emitted by 1000 MLD sewage. This can meet 75% of the city's power demand.

Air force seizes trucks carried illegally mined in Noida 

Hyderabad's IT hubs may face dry days

Residents of Cyberabad, Hiltech city and Gachibowli are a worried lot as groundwater goes down and areas are not served by distribution network of the Water Boardr.

Plugged leaks get good results for Bangalore

Pipelines have been re-laid on flood-ravaged coastal area of Thiruvananthapuram, but state and private agencies shift responsibility of providing taps.  

Census to woo migratory birds at Ropar Wetland

May help devise conservation plans to revive the habitat affected by heavy siltation, pollution and hectic human activity

Norway eager to invest in Himachal's hydropower 

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News Daily: Cochin estuary high on insecticides; poo to power Bangalore; trucks carrying mined sand seized in Noida