Chemical fertilizers spelling death for infants

Chemical fertilizers spelling death for infants: Study

Death of babies less than one month old in rural areas may be due to exposure to chemical fertilizers that percolate into water, says a study published in the Journal of Development Economics.

No toilets in 25% of Odisha's government schools

50% schools have no seperate toilets for girls and boys while 25% schools have no toilets at all, says a report by the Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority.

392 anganwadis run without drinking water in Hubli

Teachers in the anganwadi centres fetch water from public taps or ponds before children come in.

World Bank money to fortify dams in Tamil Nadu

The Bank has allocated Rs 63 crores to strengthen and increase the capacity of 11 dams in Tamil Nadu that will support more power generation, irrigation and drinking water needs.

Manual scavengers to get Rs 40,000 each for rehabilitation

The National Safai Karamchari Commission will launch a scheme that involves cash incentive to be deposited directly in their bank accounts.

Domestic water tariff may rise by 8% in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority proposes hike in tariff for domestic water use while that for industrial use will be cut drastically.

Manchester University researcher working on fluoride in Bihar

Sandra Downes is developing a water purification technology to treat fluoride contamination in collaboration with AN College of Patna.

Politics decides the flow in Maharashtra 

Those with political connections benefit from state government's move to allocate water from 23 dam projects in the state for industrial purposes.

Delhi survives ammonia scare 

Water treatment plants return to normal operations as level of ammonia in Yamuna water reduces to permissible limits. The amount had increased due to discharge of untreated sewage in Haryana cities.

Andhra lecturer develops low-cost defluoridation method

Using bio-waste like grass and prosopis juliflora, a lecturer in Vijayawada has developed a low cost powder that can be used to make fluoride-contaminated water potable.

Drip irrigation compulsory for cash crops

Maharashtra farmers growing cash crops have to shift to drip irrigation to avoid high tarrif while Vidarbha farmers will get incentives.

Violations during public hearing for Arunachal dam 

People were not allowed to speak and many were beaten up during public hearing for the 1200 MW Kalai II project on the Lohit river.

Flash floods, water logging on rise in Guwahati: Study

During the next 10 years, many areas in the city will have eight-feet deep water every monsoon, says a study conducted by ENVIRON, an environmental group.

Bangalore to recycle construction debris 

The unit will process construction debris for use in place of sand, reducing the dependence of the construction industry on sand mining from rivers.

 This is the news roundup of January 18 and 19, 2014.



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News daily: Chemical fertilizers in water causing infant deaths; No toilets in 25% of Odisha's government schools; Anganwadis in Hubli without access to drinking water