Bhopal gas leak victims demand clean water

Bhopal gas leak victims protest for clean water

Contaminated groundwater due to hazardous waste from the abandoned Union Carbide plant impacts 50,000 people from 22 areas. Groundwater was declared chemically polluted way back in 1991.

2010 was wettest for Tibet in last 3,500 years

Increased precipitation in the last 50 years indicate climate change in the semi-arid plateau from where Asia's biggest rivers originate, say scientists from the University of East Anglia and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Water commission for scrapping of 15 hydel projects in Arunachal

As per the Central Water Commission's report, 44 hydel projects planned on Siang river will impact more than 500 km of river stretch and destroy over 18,000 hectares of forests.

Rashtrapati Bhawan to get STP

Will treat 20 lakh litres of wastewater. Total water supply to the President’s Estate is 25 lakh litres.  

Lesser migratory birds arriving

Survey by Wetland International (South Asia) attibutes this to global climate change, declining waterland habitat, fluctuation of water level, human interference, and over exploitation of natural resources of wetlands

Unseasonal rainfall hits potato crop in UP

Rainfall delays the harvest in largest potato producer statet. May lead to high prices and affect quality of seeds. 

Groundwater authority for Karnataka

The regulatory body will have the power to act against unregistered borewell owners and stop over-exploitation of groundwater

127 buildings adopt rainwater harvesting in Himachal

A total of 415 structures built with a capacity to store 303,346 cubic metres of rainwater. Work on in 34 more government buildings.

Rs 95 crore water supply network for Surat

Two water networks of 56 km and 18 km will benefit three lakh people in old and new part of the city .

This is the news roundup of February 17, 2014.



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News Daily: Bhopal gas leak victims protest for clean water; 2010 wettest for Tibet in last 3500 years; CWC demands scrapping of 15 hydel projects in Arunachal