Ancient water bodies of Braj in Uttar Pradesh get a new life

Neglected state of Sankarshan Kund in BrajThe Braj Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in December 2005 to restore and revitalize the environmental and cultural heritage of Braj Bhoomi (land of Braj)- the land of Shri Radha Krishna, which falls within the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur & Agra, most parts of which are lying in various stages of neglect for centuries despite its significant historical, cultural and tourism significance.

In its continued efforts to restore the ancient water bodies of Braj area, The Braj Foundation is working on the restoration of Sankarshan Kund situated in the Goverdhan area of Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh.

For the last 50 years this kund was lying in a state of neglect and had become the garbage dumping ground for the local municipality. It was being encroached by the vested interests, who have constructed shops, houses, cow-sheds etc. after filling the earth at the bank of the kund. The dirty drains of Anyour village were polluting its holy water. It had become the breeding ground for mosquitoes and was spreading foul smell. 

Garbage around the KundRestoration  Plan
The proposed plan is to develop Sankarshan Kund in a geometrical shape. The design is simple with four beautifully carved typically Rajasthani Chattris, the possibility of erecting them will be explored after the de-silting of the kund. The Kund will also have an idol of Lord Vishnu on a Sheshnag. The design elements include elaborate use of vernacular Rajasthani elements, with rich carving. The Kund will serve as a storage area for rainwater. Efforts will be made to ensure perennial water supply to the kund. There will also be a provision for regular circulation of this water to ensure oxygen supply to the water by lifting the water from main kund through electric pumps and putting it back to the kund. A lush green garden around kund will be developed for the pleasure of devotees and visitors.

The kund is now taking shape as per the plan. The Kund is also getting filled with rainwater and natural groundwater as a result of the de-silting done by the Foundation.

Braj Foundation
Long neglected Sankarshan Kund in Braj is being restored with the efforts of a local NGO, Braj Foundation