7 Goa hotels sealed

 7 Goa hotels sealed

The State Pollution Control Board ordered the sealing of the hotels for malfunctioning sewage treatment plants, overflowing soak pits or no consent to operate certificate from the Board

Assam objects to hydel project in upstream Arunachal

The 1750 MW Demwe project on the Lohit river will affect the riverine ecology of the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, and therefore needs clearance from the state wildlife authorities, says Assam. The case could be a precedent for most hydropower projects coming up in Arunachal

No land yet for MP tribals displaced in 1981

People displaced by the Bargi dam on the river Narmada in 1981 in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur have only got a place to stay till now. Land for cultivation still awaited

Kerala Panchayat works to preserve river, holistically

People of Atholi Panchayat in Kozhikode district are working to rejuvenate mangroves and introduce native fish species in the Koraphuza river. The state biodiversity board is funding the project

1000 applications to legalise water connections in Hyderabad

Applications, most of them from slum areas, are in response to the Water Board's appeal to regularise connections under the Voluntary Disclosure Scheme. About 800 customers also settle their dues under the Board's interest waiver scheme

40,000 villagers in Pune get green coloured water

Polluted water from the river Mula in the city has seeped into the two main wells of Hinjawadi village, affecting their drinking water supply

Committee to oversee Godavari cleanup

The Committee, comprising officials from the National Environment Engineering Research Institute, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Nashik municipal corporation, has been constituted by the Bombay High Court

Walk for water: Women's day means nothing for some women in India

Most women in rural areas have to walk for than a kilometre to get to their nearest source of water and those in urban areas have to wait for hours to get one jerry can full: A graphic presentation on women's struggle for water

This is the news roundup of March 8 and 9, 2014.



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News Daily: 7 Goa hotels sealed; Assam objects to hydel project in upstream Arunachal; No land yet for MP tribals displaced in 1981