15 Indian bird species listed as critically endangered by IUCN

15 Indian bird species listed as critically endangered by IUCN

Bird species, River Lapwing and River Tern, added to the list of near threatened species in the latest list of IUCN. The population of the two birds is expected to decline further owing to the human pressure on riverine ecosystems and dam construction

Lehar loses its intensity

Much to the relief of Andhraites, the cyclone Lehar weakens. Expected to make a landfall at a speed of 70-80 km/hr, as a normal cyclone.

Delhi reels under acute water crisis

As per Census 2011, 25% of population in the capital does not receive treated piped water and is dependent on water tankers.

NHRC wakes up to pollution in Ganga

The National Human Rights Commission issues notice to the concerned departments demanding a report on steps taken to save Ganga river.

Kerala set to catch water thieves

The Kerala Water Authority plans to get strict with water stealers in the state. The existing Anti-Water Theft Squad, sleeping for the past two years, to become active now.

Odisha govt gives green signal to irrigation scheme

The Rs. 1000 crore scheme will create irrigation potential for 3 hectares of farmland in five years.

Sand mining puts Tipeshwar sanctuary in danger

Flora and fauna of the Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra is getting adversely affected by the stone quarries falling within 1.5 km of the sanctuary.

Salt pans on Vembar river brought to authorities' notice

Petition submitted to the District Collector of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, against the establishment of salt pans on Vembar riverbed in violation of all norms.

No check on sand mining in Karnal, despite the ban

Illegal sand mining continues unabated in Haryana's Karnal district, despite the National Green Tribunal's countrywide ban on mining. 

This is the roundup of important news for November 28, 2013.

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News today - The two bird species, River Lapwing and River Tern, added to the list of near threatened species in the latest list of IUCN, Cyclone Lehar loses its intensity, 25% of Delhi's population do not get treated piped water.