The forum will bring into light various decentralized approaches for wastewater treatment from a technical perspective.
14 to 16Jul
The training programme aims to increase awareness on alternative sanitation by focusing on the agricultural, social, economic and financial aspects of EcoSan.
18 to 19Jul
CWS–SuGWM and VRUTTI-EU-IWRM calls for contribution to the compendium with an objective of capturing best practices and disseminating widely for the benefit of all development workers.
16 to 19Jun
The training program is specially designed for young people who wish to work or are working on water related issues, and want to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding about water.
10 to 13Jun
The course aims to equip concerned citizens, decision makers and administrators with an ecological perspective, understanding of the interconnected working of ecosystems and the ecosystem services.
25 to 27Jun
The course aims to provide an understanding of the lake ecosystem, the analysis and diagnosis of problems associated with it and the methods of remediation for maintaining a healthy lake ecosystem.
Gramalaya & Shanti Ashram with support from UNICEF-Chennai is organising the state-level workshop that will provide more insight and strategies to promote rural sanitation through CSR Initiatives.
17 to 23Jun
Kalpavriksh is organising a week long monsoon course on 'Perspectives on environment, society and well-being'.
6 to 8May
Aquatech India 2014 will feature the best possible range of new and proven products on process, drinking and waste water.
24 to 26Feb
FILTECH 2015 Conference will feature once again the latest advances and techniques in liquid/solid and gas/particle separation (dust, gas & air filtration) in three days of indepth exposure.
CMS invites you to the talk by Pablo Solon on 'Climate & Ecological Crisis: Why Capitalism cannot solve the problem?', at USO House in New Delhi.
20 to 21Mar
The goal of the course is to build awareness and capacity within the Western Ghats to protect spring ecosystems and ensure safe, sustainable drinking water.
CDP is launching its first water report in India- 'Safeguarding India’s Water Resources; the business case for corporate water disclosure in India'
25 to 26Apr
The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has been promoting Green Landscapes in the country highlighting the need of urban spaces converting to green landscapes.
The event will celebrate the 84th anniversary of Gandhji's Dandi March in the form of discussion on the course of action to be undertaken to save Ganga and Himalayas.
25 to 26Feb
The conference aims to boost engagements in climate change adaptation discourse and policy processes in the Brahmaputra Basin in North East India.
22 to 23Feb
The objective of the festival is to emphasize the importance of Western Ghats, which, along with the rainforests of South America help maintain the ecological balance of Earth.
8 to 13Sep
The training is a broad, intense 6-day course with a heavy practical bias, providing a rare opportunity to learn through both theoretical and hands-on practical sessions.
The programme aims to ensure water security in the country, particularly for the welfare of the vulnerable, poor and socially backward communities.