6 to 7Sep
The training programme aims to foster and strengthen a community of people working in the water sector and who need to engage with legal issues.
Roundtable Conference will includes a book launch of 'Is it really clean? Creating a WASH Index'
29 to 1Sep to Oct
The training will focus on planning, design, smart remote management & monitoring, on-site quality control and installation practices of solar powered pumping systems.
18 to 27Aug
VIKSAT announces the next batch of the WASH Educators Training (WET 2015), especially for women, working on issues related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).
21 to 23Sep
The theme for the 2015 International Riversymposium is “Healthy Rivers – Healthy Economies”
2 to 17Jul
ACWADAM to carry out a fifteen-day training programme on basic hydrogeology or groundwater science, for professionals from Civil Society Organisations or NGOs at Pune
The Symposium will include expert lectures on the state-of-art technologies to handle and manage various types of wastes generated by the urban society.
The objective of this course is to give participants an insight into the concept of rainwater harvesting (RWH) in rural areas. It will specifically focus on various techniques used for RWH.
The course will comprise of a series of sessions focusing on sharing of experiences by people involved in research, advocacy and interventions through discussions, readings, screenings and field trip.
Manu Mathai is a faculty member at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. He researches and teaches about the intersection of energy, environment and human development policy questions.
PSI is planning to organize a workshop in the northeastern region to promote the practice of PGWM and enhance the sustainable and equitable use of local GW resources.
The aim of this training workshop is to train local development workers and community based activists/organizations in the concept of PGWM.
1 to 6Mar
The symposium will provide a forum to discuss advances in measurements, modeling, and interpretation of glaciological and cryospheric changes in high mountain Asia.
14 to 15Mar
The seminar is aimed to cover conservation, security, budgeting, recycling and reuse of water, artificial recharge in groundwater, rainwater harvesting techniques and groundwater management.
10 to 11Apr
This workshop seeks to bring together experts to discuss the ways in which groundwater law (and water law more generally) needs to evolve to reflect and respond to climate change.
26 to 28Feb
CWRDM is organizing a KSCSTE sponsored three day training course on ‘Water Quality Management’ for teachers from university departments and colleges.
22 to 24Feb
Former U.S. Vice President and Climate Reality Project Chairman Al Gore will lead the training for hundreds of new Climate Reality Leaders.
22 to 23Jan
The training is designed to enrich the participant's knowledge on key elements for success of WASH interventions in India and best practices in WASH.
13 to 15Feb
The theme of 4th International River Festival is "River, its Catchment Area, Chemicals & Crisis".
13 to 14Mar
All are invited to contribute their well thought research paper on the theme Recycling of Waste Water and Reuse System in the 7th IDSAsr National Seminar.