A unique chance to gather together with committed professionals and gather fresh ideas, inspirations and strategic perspectives for building your organization into a sustainability powerhouse.
7 to 10Oct
A course that aims at exposing the participants in the use of handheld GPSs for planning, implementation and monitoring of natural resources in a cost effective, timely and scientific manner.
23 to 24Sep
An interactive brain storming dialogue on soil as a critical component of the natural system and a vital contributor to the human well being.
An exhibition where organizations, consumers and farmers are welcome to bring traditional paddy seeds for display.
28 to 29Sep
A conference to strengthen the unionization process around the issue of forest rights and to formulate the political strategy needed for it.
A workshop that seeks to provoke public discussion on issues relating to the development of the city addressing all its facets including its administration, culture, economy, society & politics.
11 to 12Dec
An annual event wherein the issues related to sustainable livelihoods of the poor are discussed by sector experts, academicians, innovators, practitioners , policy advocacy leaders and policy makers.
4 to 15Nov
An orientation on the environment development debate bogging the Indian polity, with field visit to experience and report on the eco restoration work being done at the grassroots
A free and frank critical discussion on ways and means to save the Ganga and the Himalayas through a Gandhian movement of non violence.
23 to 27Oct
A conference to exchange ideas, identify new problems, investigate concerned issues, explore new approaches and initiate possible collaborative research on water related issues.
13 to 14Sep
A conference to motivate a researcher to go more deep in to traditional Indian organic farming techniques and to encourage a general field agriculturist to adopt more ancient techniques.
22 to 23Nov
A platform to discuss and understand the very need of making schools sustainable and to suggest model solutions for academic institutions in India.
8 to 7Oct to Feb
7 to 8Sep
An event that makes conscious living an everyday possibility by bringing together, under one roof, a whole variety of sustainable products that can power your home and regular life.
11 to 16Sep
A unique development platform that brings together various stakeholders to share, learn from each others' experience and practices, and throws opportunities for collaborative endeavors.
28 to 29Sep
A festival to celebrate the rich heritage of traditional seed diversity!
A programme that will identify and accelerate innovative technologies and market-driven approaches that improve water sustainability for boosting food security.
2 to 6Dec
A residential training programme that aims to introduce and impart engineering skills to professionals for designing and implementing decentralised wastewater treatment systems.
24 to 26Oct
10 to 12Sep
A forum to bring together practitioners, investors and experts working to deliver decentralized energy solutions across South Asia