Workshop on construction of storage tanks as part of Rain Water Management, Jalvardhini Pratishthan, 4th – 5th June, 2011, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Jalvardhini PratishthanOrganizer: Jalvardhini Pratishthan

Venue: Shri Chandrashekhar Khare's house, Palgad, Taluka Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra


Jalvardhini Pratishthan is holding workshop on construction of various Ferro cement tanks & coconut coir cement tanks, as part of rain water Management.

We are developing:

  1. One 1000  litre Ferro cement tank
  2. Two 6000 litre  Ferro cement tanks above ground and
  3. 5000 liter coconut coir cement tank below ground with covering material to reduce evaporation

These technologies are simple where ordinary masson can do it. Along with this information will be given about other storage tank technology from the available total of 12 different options to store rain water or water. Workshop will be held at Shri Chandrashekhar Khare's house, Palgad, Taluka Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri. Workshop will be for two days, as 5th June is Paryavaran day. Contact details of Shri Chandrashekhar Khare at Palgad 02358- 237093 / 09271404290

Registration fee: Rs. 250/-

Contact Details:
Jalvardhini Pratishthan
Janki Niwas, Gokhale Road (North),
Dadar, Mumbai - 400 028
Tel: 9820788061

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