Whispers of Silence - Exhibition and Seminar, WGHF, October 25-26, 2011, Thrissur

Organization: Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation (WGHF)

Venue: Sahithya Academic Hall, Thrissur


The Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation (WGHF) is organizing a two day workshop on right of the forest, river and tribe during 25th and 26th October 2011 at Sahithya Academic Hall, Thrissur. This is being organized as part of the inaugural session of our one year long campaign.

During this the Forest Rights act (FRA) is the focal theme and important personalities are participating.

Contact details:
Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation
Mathilakam P.O. - 680685
Thrissur Dt. 
+91 9497627870
email: amithab@poetic.com
Website: www.hornbillfoundation.org


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