Training on 'Organic and Natural farming', SARRA, SAMBHAV & XIMB, Feb.7-11, 2012, Bhubaneswar

Organizers: South Asia Rural Reconstruction Association (SARRA), Bangalore,
                   XIMB & SAMBHAV, Orissa

Venue: XIM Bhubaneswar and SAMBHAV Campus, at Rohibanka, Nayagarh District Orissa. 

Almost 40% of the world’s poor are living in South Asia Region. Majority of the people depend on Agriculture.The sector is undergoing an irreparable loss through excess use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides imposed by the national governments through its green revolution technologies. It is characterized by mono-cropping, heavy use of external inputs such as chemical fertilizers, Pesticides,use of machinery and exploitation of irrigationresources, although GRT produced good results in the initial stages. Currently farmers are experiencing critical problems for continued production and productivity of crops due to Soil and water degradation.  Chemically used food products have lost the place in the Global market. Our much inherited ecology and bio-diversity is at a stake and getting endangered.

Hence committed farmer scientists and activists have demonstrated alternative farming systems forenhanced production and productivity with local inputs. They also propagated pollution free poultry and livestock technologies.  These systems are simple, economical, practical and Farmer Friendly. The training we are conducting on Organic and Natural farming from February 7-11, 2012. There are only 7 seats available now in this course which we are conducting for the 14 time. In case you or your organisation would like to take advantage of such an important program which SARRA does at Asia level.


  • To   develop knowledge and skills related to the concept and strategy of Dr. Chos’ Natural farming Technologies for food security.
  • To enhance the competence for promoting pollutionfree poultry& dairy farming as a micro- enterprise for more income.
  • To provide exposure visits to the demo centres on different organic technologies.

Course Coverage:

  • Global Natural Farming; An overview.
  • Promotion of Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMOs) in SA.
  • Integrated Soil and Water Management.
  • Integrated Pest Management and Biological control.
  • Pollution free poultry.
  • Low cost natural feed for the live-stocksmanagement.
  • Field Exposure to SA sites and farms & use of Audio visual Aids.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Participants developed a critical understanding of SA and GNF Vrs GRT & BT Technology; methods and techniques.
  • Participants did a hands-on-practice of the SA technology.
  • They prepared appropriate action plan to follow up at back home situation.

Duration: 5 days

Program Fee: 
The Residential Nomination fee is Rs.1500/- per day per participant and for 5 days (Rs.7500/-) while the non-residential fee is Rs.1000/- and for 5 days (Rs.5000/). The Residential Nomination Fee covers the cost of course materials, boarding and lodging in a twin sharing non-air conditioned room in XIMB and similar in SAMHAV campus staying together more than two persons in large rooms. The program is open for invitation. The desired persons have to communicate us, if interested to join this program.

The course fee has to be paid to us either in cash on the first day of the program before inauguration at 9AM on February 7, 2012 during Course Registration or send to us in advance in the form of a local cheque or Demand Draft made in favour of “Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar”. Participants will be confirmed only on the first come-first serve basis.

Accommodation for Residential confirmed participants: will be available from the previous day prior to the program starting day for participants coming from far –off places with food without any extra charges.  

Contact details:
Program Head & In-charge, 
Developmental MDP (Management Development Program)
Xavier Institute of Management, 

February 7, 2012 12:00AM - February 11, 2012 12:00AM