Short Term Course on Advances in Urban Water Engineering and Management at IIT Bombay

Urbanization has posed challenge on water resources in cities. Both the water quantity shortage and deteriorated water quality are the prevailing issues in the cities. Physical losses and non-revenue water are the major concerns of water supply systems in cities. Lack of sewage collection and treatment infrastructure cause contamination of surface water bodies and ground water. Apart from water quality issues, stormwater management has become a major challenge in cities in India. Frequent flooding in urban areas in most of the cities in India point out the need for developing plans for stormwater management.

About the course:

In this course all these aspects of water management in cities will be dealt with by delivering modules on advanced methods, technologies and solutions related with water infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment, stormwater management). The use of new techniques/software such as GIS for planning and design of water infrastructures, operation and maintenance of the water infrastructures, assessment of the floods and estimation of risks associated with the floods will be focused in details. The course will also expose the participants to sustainability and resilience for climate change in urban water sector. 

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