Orientation Training on 'Aquifer Recharge in Rural and Urban areas'

Objective of the event:

To orient participants on innovative borewell recharge method in rural areas as well as various methods of aquifer recharge in urban areas.

Target Participants:

Staff from NGOs who want to integrate the aquifer recharge techniques in their on-going water conservation initiatives in Rural and Urban areas. Students, individual urban residents, institutions as well as representatives of RWAs may also participate and benefit from the event.

Contents of the training:

The training is practice-oriented and focuses on the following topics, that suits diverse rural and urban settings in areas of hard-rock geology:

  1. Potential of bore well recharge in rural and urban areas
  2. ‘Tanker test’ and how to select potential bore wells for recharge
  3. Nuances of construction methodology and maintenance of a bore recharge system
  4. Urban rain water harvesting options and modern and affordable filters

For more details download the event flyer from below or visit WLF website

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