Open Source GIS Training Program - IIT Madras, Chennai

Program Name : Open Source GIS - Quantum GIS – 5 Day Training Program

Organiser: IIT Madras in collaboration with kCube,

IIT Madras in collaboration with kCube, Chennai is organizing a five day Training Program on Open Source GIS – Quantum GIS.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become a tool with widespread use in developmental applications. The power of a GIS can have a positive influence in community based planning and scientific decision making for developmental activities. However, the life-cycle cost of commercial GIS packages and the ever changing hardware requirements to support these packages make the economics of implementation difficult. Until recently open-source GIS packages did not have the capabilities and user friendliness of commercial packages. Recent developments by the open-source community has resulted in the development of Quantum GIS which is totally free with high quality GIS features. This training program in Quantum GIS is organized to introduce GIS users to the powerful features of this open source package. The program is focused on training users such as NGO’s, government departments, private organizations, academicians who use GIS for developmental applications.


Brochure Link : 

Interested participants can download the brochure and send in your registrations at the earliest. Limited seats available.


Kumaran: +91-9940111282

May 17, 2010 12:00AM - May 21, 2010 12:00AM