National Seminar on "Social Reforms in Slums - Role of NGOs - Need for NGOs Network", Vision, Tirupati


Organizer: Vision (NGOs Network)

Venue: Tirupati


  • Partnership in Urban Environmental Management: An approach to solving Environmental problems in urban slums.
  • Stressful Environments and their effects on quality of life in slums.
  • Reducing urban poverty: constrains on the effectiveness of Aid Agencies and developmental Bank and Some suggestions for change.


We looking for Experts in Urban slums-those who are working as our Speakers, or join in our Advisory Board Members to Advice the valuable information to implement the Seminar on Social Reforms in slums & workshop on Preperation of Action plan and strategies for its implementation for Next 3 Years.


Contact Details:
VISION (NGOs Network)
10/120, Mariapuram,
Ravindra Nagar post,
Kadapa –516003,
Andhra Pradesh State,
South India.

Event Date
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