Invite to a workshop on 'Wetlands of Assam', Aaranyak and IUCN-India, Guwahati

The focus of the workshop will be hydrological connectivity, climate change, ecosystem services and livelihoods with reference to Deepar Beel, Kamrup (Metro) District, Assam.


(i) Take stock of the conservation and management status of the wetlands of Assam in general

(ii) Discuss the significance of good landscape connectivity of flood plain wetlands

(iii) Share the framework and results of Aaranyak-IUCN study on the Deepar beel on wetland connectivity and modelling

(iv) Examine the governance regime for conservation and management of wetlands at state and national level and

(v) Recommend pathways for appropriate research, intervention and policy reforms for sustainable management of wetland resources of the state

(vi) Get a general impression of the status of wetlands in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam


Aaranyak with support from IUCN under Ecosystem for Life - A Bangladesh-India Initiative.


Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Basistha Chariali, Near Game Village, Lalmati, Guwahati, Assam.

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February 2, 2014 9:30AM - February 2, 2014 4:30PM
January 31, 2014 9:00AM