India Urban Conference 2011, November 17 – 20, 2011, Mysore

Organizers: Janaagraha, IIHS, Yale University

Venue: Infosys Training Centre, Mysore


Context Anchor: Urban Water - Arghyam

Social Media Partner: India Water Portal

The India Urban Conference (IUC) is a series of events designed to raise the salience of urban challenges and opportunities in the ongoing debate on India's development. It creates a wide multi-stakeholder and cross-regional platform that situates India's urban transformation in the context of current governance, economic, socio-political, ecological and cultural trajectories and consequent choices of development pathways. The IUC seeks to create an open-frame 'space' for a multi-level dialogue on applied research to inform policy, practice and civil society action.

The Mysore conference is designed to bring together state and local policy makers, policy implementers, academics, students, civil society, and industry stakeholders to identify challenges and chart strategies for India’s urban development. The conference explicitly seeks to engage urban residents and practitioners in the discussion in order to develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the current context and priorities moving forward. The themes for the Mysore conference mirror those of the New Haven conference, with the addition of Urban Economy and Urban Social Services. Collaboration with Context Anchors, organizations with deep expertise in their respective urban fields, ensures the requisite depth of analysis in each thematic area. The Mysore conference also includes an event designed for student networking and showcasing of student proposals for urban India, while the Delhi event will offer opportunities for some of the studentsto share their work with an audience of national policymakers.

The India Urban Conference: Evidence and Experience (IUC) is intended to produce specific and actionable proposals for public and private action toward a more inclusive, sustainable urban development. The following are IUC objectives:

  • To make urban, applied research relevant to an increased spectrum of stakeholders including academics, civil societies, policy think tanks, research institutes, media, private sector, and citizens.
  • To leverage experience to generate useful evidence to promote applied research and responsive policy-making.
  • To create new research initiatives and/ or collaborations with a potential for creating tangible changes/ reforms for the benefit of urban India and its context.
  • To identify and explore research issues affecting urban India, by exploring through a perspective of eight selected themes.
  • Publish research papers and evidence presented/ discussed in the form of case-books, web publications, and potentially a special issue of a journal.

Arghyam will host two, traditional style panel discussions. The plenary will aim to set the context on urban water, while generating discussion on the challenges and solutions.

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