Hands-on training on mobile-based data collection, analysis and visualisation for civil society

The need for this training

• More and more donors are asking for evidence of change brought by Civil Society Organisations but we don’t know how to collect & analyse data.

• NGOs and individuals themselves would also like to collect data about their beneficiaries and the change they are making through development interventions.

• External parties providing data collection services are very expensive.

• The Solution? Learn Mobile based Data Collection Yourself!

Why is this online workshop unique?

• Hands-on practical experience on Android mobile data collection and visualisation

• Training is in Hindi and English. PPTs in English.

• We only use free (open source) mobile tools

• Our Promise: If you work hard, you WILL learn mobile data collection, analysis, reporting by end of the training

• Each participant will get online personalized coaching at every step

• Trainers have successfully completed many projects on data collection and MIS design

Duration: 5 days from Feb 1st to 6th 2021

Trainers Nidhi Shrivastava, Pankaj Shrivastava, Tathyashodh Consultants, Dehradun, India

Ph: +91 94120 55261 ceo@tathyaconsultants.com

For more details, please see the attachment.

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