Exhibition of "Dakshina Pinakini River Mapping and Landscape Survey"- An artistic intervention, 23rd - 26th May, 2011, Bengaluru

Venue: Venkatappa Art Gallery, Kasthurba road, Bengaluru

Collaborated by: Subramani J, Ravikumar S M Halli & Shivaprasad S


The study focuses on Bangalore, highlighting its important rivers, lakes and its very lavish natural resources and how it is getting damaged due to its excessive urban growth and ignorance of the people. We started our documentation from Nandi hills to Hosur was our destination. Here we filmed and photographed various aspects of this river, the agricultural landscape and the urban scape. These documentations are archival materials, which have been focused during the process of research. Like how the death of a river takes place, where it used to begin and rebirth of the river due to the excess development of Broad Bangalore’s urban area.

The exhibit:

The exhibits on display contains three video projections, photographs, visual map and water colour painting.

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Contact Details:
Shivaprasad S
Email: shiv7510@gmail.com