ESF invites applications for "Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Executive Course", March 26-29, 2012, Nainital

Organizer: Ecosan Services Foundation (ESF),
                  A.T.I. (Uttarakhand Academy of Administration), Nainital

Venue: Uttarakhand Academy of Administration, Nainital


Water resources are under increasing pressure. Population growth, urbanization and a steep increase in water consumption for domestic uses, agriculture and industry has created a water crisis. Climate change is exacerbating the problems of water availability. This scenario leads to water scarcity and water-conflicts worldwide and seriously undermines progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Ecosan Services Foundation together with A.T.I. (Uttarakhand Academy of Administration), Nainital is carrying out Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Executive course (SSWM) held from March 26-29, 2012 in Uttarakhand Academy of Administration, Nainital. The course is targeted at local government units, NGOs, civil society groups, engineers, practitioners and individuals dealing with water and sanitation issues.


  • To understand the concept of Sustainable Sanitation and Water management.
  • Able to identify SSWM problems and solutions on local level.
  • Skills to plan and implement a SSWM project.
  • Able to manage SSWM issues in their local level.
  • To increase awareness on alternative, sustainable sanitation systems among the key stakeholders.
  • To raise the awareness and motivation of people to construct, use and maintain alternative sanitation systems.

The SSWM executive course will give an overview on Integrated Water Management, its basic concept and its association with reuse-oriented sustainable sanitation approach including a comprehensive overview on existing technology options and planning approaches. The course focuses on the human influence on the water cycle, the linkages to agriculture, and its sustainable use, treatment and reuse of water resources. It will enable participants to get a holistic view on the water cycle and empower them to identify more sustainable and locally appropriate technology solutions in relation to sustainable sanitation and water management.

Please confirm your participation in the training by sending mail on the following address:
Ms. Sreevidya Satish
Head – Capacity Building

Mrs. Priyanka Chavan
Project Manager

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Contact details:
Ecosan Services Foundation
"Vishwa Chandra", 1002/42
Rajendra Nagar, Pune – 411030,
Maharashtra (INDIA)
Tel: +91 (0)20 64 000 736




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