Certificate course on permaculture design, I-ASK, February 26 – March 10, 2012, Udupi

Organizers: Institute for Indigenous Agricultural Systems and Knowledge (I-ASK)

Venue: Adamaru, Udupi, Karnataka


I-ASK is a non-profit research organization that promotes participatory scientific research, education and community outreach programs in agriculture and allied areas to achieve ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) is about designing sustainable ecological human habitats and food production systems. It also deals with energy-efficient buildings, waste water treatment, recycling, and land stewardship and other economic and social aspects of life. It can be applied to urban settings too. In essence, it is about the creation of relationships among the different elements by the way we place them in the landscape/system. Permaculture is one of the most holistic, integrated systems analysis and design methodologies.

This is a very hands-on, work focused introduction to permaculture.  We will work in the early morning and latter afternoon with classes. Evenings will be open, with the option to see a wide selection of videos about all aspects of sustainability, or slides of the many subjects will be covered..  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainabiltiy while staying on a traditional family farm.

Hands on will Include, Building a Check Dam, Pond, Installation of a Grey water system, continuing work on the Jungle Garden, Banana Orchard, Harvesting Micro-Organisms, Building a solar dryer, Nursery, Seed balls, Poly house, Design landscape  and more.

Subjects covered are: [in addition to what is learnt from the hands-on], Permaculture Basics (ethics, principles, flows, patterns, zones), Water, Soil & Soil Building, Plants & Cropping, Resource Management, Appropriate Technologies, Invisible Structures (social, economic and political systems), Maps & Mapping, Design and Design Process, with open time to discuss subjects of interest to class. This course will present Permaculture with all its applications. We will focus on land and agricultural systems with as much examples as possible.

Course Fee:
For international candidates Rs. 14500, for Indians, Rs.13000. The fees include all training material, food and lodge. The course fee does not include travel to the training venue. There will be a cancellation fee of 10 to 50% for cancelling 2 months to 2 weeks before the course.

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Contact details:
Institute for Indigenous Agricultural Systems and Knowledge (I-ASK)
09, 1st Cross, Chowdeshwari Layout,
Besides Chowdeshwari Temple,
Yamalur, Marathhalli Colony PP,
Bangalore - 560037
Tel: 91 9448374131 (Vasu)
email: vasuadamaru@gmail.com / richard@iamafoundation.org
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/iaskindia/

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