Call for participation in the training program on 'Understanding Water and Water Resources Management: Issues, Struggles and Solutions', Water Conflicts Forum and Sambhaavnaa Institute, Himachal Pradesh

Theme of the training program: The theme of the workshop will focus on the crises around water and water resources management. It will highlight key issues of water as a common property resource – its exploitation, privatisation and the resulting impacts like conflicts around water and its access for the common people. The workshop will also focus on struggles and solutions for assertion of rights to this resource and redressal of the issues.

Eligibility : Young people working in the water sector. People who have just started working, want to start to work, or have been working in water related issues since 1-3 years. They could be activists in various sangathans, struggles, NGOs, they could be researchers doing M.Phil / Phd, lawyers working on water related cases, or could be media people wanting to report in this area.

Suggested donation: 2500/-

[This fee covers the cost of lodging and boarding at the institute, and training. Travel is to be borne separately by the participants. Need based full or partial fee waivers are available for students or individuals not associated with a formal organisations or who are full time activists. We can also consider, for very limited cases, offering travel support. Please indicate in the application form if you need fee waiver and/or travel support, along with explanation for the same.]

Topics :

  • Overview of Water Resources in India, and Key issues
  • Socio-cultural and bio-physical dimensions of water
  • Equity Dimensions in Water (Gender, Class, Caste)
  • Dam struggles – General, Overview , Case Study from Assam of struggle against the downstream impacts of dams
  • River Basin approach to dam struggle –solutions and struggle from Chalakudy Basin in Kerala
  • Issues of pollution, flows, urban water – Struggle around the Yamuna river in Delhi and beyond
  • Different types of water conflicts in India
  • Privatisation and commodification of water
  • Dencentralised Water Harvesting systems

To register for the workshop you can visit Sambhaavnaa or Water Conflict Forum and you can also fill in the attached form and send it at

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