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River Basin Atlas of India Central Water Commission & Regional Remote Sensing Centre - West 2012 2012
2001 Census Household Tables Census of India 2001 2001
2011 Census Household Tables Census of India 2011 2011
Water in India: Situation and Prospects UNICEF 2012 2012
Maps on groundwater quality-Tamil Nadu Environmental Information System Centre, Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu 2012 2012
Environmental and Social Assessment for River Basins in Tamil Nadu - IAMWARM Project Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI) 1995 2004
Groundwater prospects maps for 14 states of India Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation and National Remote Sensing Agency 2012 2012
An analysis of 2011 census data on household amenities with respect to drinking water sources and latrine facilities in urban areas of the country. CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development 2011 2011
Water resources of Andhra Pradesh - An atlas International Water Management Institute (IWMI),IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program (ITP),Visual Information Systems for Action (VIStA)andGovernment of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) 2004 2010
Groundwater scenario of India Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources 2009 2010


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