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Estimation of groundwater resources in Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Groundwater Department GoAP (2002) 2001 2002
Groundwater scenario in major cities of India Central Ground Water Board 2011 2011 File gw_scenerio_of_28_cities.xlsx
Changes in extreme rainfall events and flood risk in India during the last century - 2010 National Climate Centre, India Meteorological Department PUNE. INDIA 1901 2005
Hygeine and Sanitation practice study in 2 districts of MP- March 2011 Wate and Sanitation Program (WSP) World Bank 2009 2011
Progress in extending access and bridging the infrastructure - services gap in water and sanitation - 2006 World Bank Report 1991 2004 File world_bank_doc__bridging_the_gap_between_infrastructure_and_service.xlsx
Estimates for the use of Improved Drinking Water Sources World Health Organisation and UNICEF 1993 2008 File joint_monitoring_program-water.xlsx
Estimates for the use of Improved Sanitation Facilities World Health Organisation and UNICEF 1993 2008 File joint_monitoring_program-sanitation.xlsx
Status of urban water supply, sanitation and solid waste management - CPHEEO data (2005) Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) 2005 2005
Excess Chemical Parameters in groundwater - Karnataka State Department of Mines and Geology, Karnataka 2006 2006
Report of Working Group to Advice WQAA on the minimum flows in the river - 2007 Government of India (GoI), Ministry of Water Resources and Central Water Commission 1980 2004


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