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General statistics related to water Central Water Commission 2003 2004
Groundwater - Nation's water lifeline suffering multiple crisis Himanshu Thakker - South Asia Network on Dams Rivers and people (SANDRP) 1991 2008
Sources of Water supply in Tamil Nadu by Districts Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Government of Tamil Nadu 2005 2006
Groundwater information booklet of arsenic affected Murshidabad district of West Bengal Central Ground Water Board Eastern Region, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India 2006 2006
Cauvery River Basin Data Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Department of Economics and Statistics and compiled by India Water Portal 2003 2004
Drinking Water Assessment and Decentralized Management Plan for Abdasa Taluka (Kachchh District) Sahjeevan (NGO)
Mapping of Groundwater level Central Ground Water Board, Kerala region 2002 2004
Rural Water Supply Status in Assam Assam Public Health Engineering Department 1995 2005
India's Water Supply and Demand from 2025-2050: Business- as- Usual Scenario and Issues Paper by Upali A. Amarasinghe, Tushaar Shah (International Water Management Institute, New Delhi) and B.K.Anand (Consultant, Bangalore) 2000 2050
Groundwater use in Aurangabad Groundwater Management Advisory Team (GW MATE) and World Bank (2008) 2008 2008