Integrated Hydrological Databooks for Non-classified River Basins 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Detailed statistics for major river basins in India. Data starts from various dates depending on when the monitoring was started, earliest are from 1964. Each year's data book brings the data upto date including all previous data, so in most cases only the most recent databook should suffice. Most of the data are with reference to observations made at particular observation sites along the main river and tributaries. Basins covered are: 1.) Mahanadi, 2.) Subarnareka, Burhabalang and Baitarni, 3.) Brahmani, 4.) Rushikulya, Vamsadhara, Sarada and Nagavali, 5.)Godavari, 6.) Krishna, 7.) Cauvery, 8.) East flowing rivers between Mahanadi and Kanyakumari, 9.) West flowing rivers from Tapi to Kanyakumari, 10.) Tapi, 11.) Narmada, 12.) Mahi Sabarmati and other west flowing. The main data contained in the data book are: Storage Capacity by basin, Drainage area within states and for each tributary, climate of the basin, historical peak water level for each observation station, flow of water by season and site, maximum and minimum historical observed water levels by site, annual dependable flow by site, monthly average flow rate per unit drainage area, 10-day and monthly average sediment load, days when water quality parameters crossed tolerance limits and values observed on those days, overall historically observed maximum and minimum quality parameters, land utilization pattern and irrigated area of the basins.

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